The Vidyalaya houses a spacious library with a large collection of books for the readers of all ages. Besides, there is a large collection of reference books on all subjects for the students of classes VI to XII. There is a reading room adjacent to the library for quiet study.

          The library also has computer facility for access to the latest information on various topics. The library subscribes to 10 daily local and national newspapers and 9 magazines. It has in store more than 12,000 books and we are adding books in this repository each year with an insatiable thirst for Knowledge.


The Institute is accompanied by a Health Centre named ‘Niramay’ supervised by an experienced doctor and para-medical staff. Qualified doctors of Allopathy, Homeopathy & Ayurvedic medicine visit Niramay in regular attendance. Outdoor treatment is offered everyday and whenever necessary, the boys are treated for their illnesses and injuries or any emergency situation. The dispensary also provides free treatment and medicines to the staff, their family members and to the people of the locality. Students must seek permission from the Vidyalaya office to visit Niramay.

Drawing Room

Students of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya are well trained in drawing and sculpture by a highly experienced drawing teacher. Like music, they start gathering knowledge in this area from class III onwards as a co-curricular subject. Two drawing rooms, well equipped with canvas, easels, brushes, paints, and other necessary equipment facilitate all types of drawing activities like pencil sketch, water colour, acrylic colour, etc.

Assembly Hall

With a perfect acoustics, sound system, dias and retractable seating arrangement, Assembly Hall 'Vivekananda Sabhagriha' is an inseparable part of Vidyalaya. It serves dual purpose of the Vidyalaya - by providing space for regular morning assembly and as an auditorium for special programme conduction. Everyday, all the students, teachers and non-teaching staff gather here for morning assembly. When fibre chairs are arranged, this hall is converted into an auditorium which offers a wonderful space for around 900 spectators. This hall is surrounded by giant pillars in all four sides which gives an astounding Gothic-looks to the School.

Smart Class

Today, as the traditional Chalk and Talk method of teaching is not sufficient to satisfy the various demands of the student so we have set Smart Classroom to cater to the needs of the teachers and students. Although, at present we have three such Classrooms, but we have decided to add few more in future. Classes on various subjects are held here where the students can have access to a vast store of knowledge beyond the prescribed text. A large interactive board with an overhead Projector and e-content from 'Extramarks' groups for classes III to XII is no doubt a favourite place for learning among the students. 

Play Grounds

Three different sized playgrounds popularly known as 'Red Field', 'Green Field' and 'PT Field' among students, provide the arena where all the sports related activities are held.

One of the grounds, 'Green Field' have galleries for the spectators and very soon 'Red Field' will be also decorated with galleries. Regular Games Classes along with other Sporting events like the Annual – Sports Meet, Inter-Class Cricket and Football tournaments are held in these venues every year. Weekly Physical Training and Drill Classes are conducted in PT field.

Music Room

Students are taught Hindustani vocal music and Tabla as a co-curricular subject from Class -III onward. Two adjacent rooms equipped with various traditional musical instruments serve the purpose of vocal and instrumental training to the aspiring students. The three music teachers of the Vidyalaya impart lessons on Indian Classical music and prepare the students for various cultural programmes and competitions which are held throughout the year.


The canteen caters to the need of both the students and staff of the Vidyalaya. Good quality food at affordable prices is available here. The canteen also prepares and serves the mid-day-meal of the Vidyalaya. There is the provision for lunch for the staff on the basis of prior order.