School Bus

A fleet of eleven buses carry the day-scholars to and from the Vidyalaya on all the working days. These buses are specially made for the purpose of carrying school students with amenities like public address system, first aid kits, flexible hand – rests, dual emergency exits etc. In addition, an Application based GPS navigation system we have recently installed in all our school buses. This GPS Tracking System will enable the guardians to track bus location, receive SMS alert on late arrival, track on over speeding etc. directly from their smart phones. Bus-monitors from senior classes maintain the bus discipline and seating arrangement in each bus. These buses traverse the routes that covers the entire area in and around the city of Agartala.

Bus Rules

  • Parents are requested not to enter in the school buses to see off and receive their wards.
  • Parents should not try to overtake and stop the school bus to facilitate the boarding of their wards as this endangers the safety of the bus and its occupants. This act would lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Parents should not argue with the conductor or driver. If there is any problem, a written complaint to the Administrative Office should be given.
  • Under no circumstance are students allowed to go behind or under the parked buses within the school campus. Students are also not allowed to sit in the parked buses during school hours.
  • Under no circumstance, should students touch the instrument panel of the buses.
  • A student using the school bus is expected to be at the bus stop at least ten minutes before the scheduled arriving bus. The student has to be on the correct side of the arriving bus.
  • The school reserves the right to alter the timings, routes and stoppages as and when necessary.
  • If any parent whose child is availing school transport service wishes to take their ward privately in his/her own transport, he/she has to collect the Permission Slip from the school authorities.
  • Students are allowed to use only the allotted bus and bus stop. No change can be allowed without prior written permission.
  • No student should travel standing on the footboard.
  • Students must not move around in the bus when it is in motion.
  • The students must make sure that the aisle of the bus is clear, school bags and other belongings are placed properly.
  • Students must not put any part of their body outside the bus. They should not put their hands out even for waving.
  • No object should be discarded inside or thrown outside the bus.Consumption of edibles is not permitted in the buses.
  • Any misconduct inside the school bus like fighting, using abusive words, bullying, teasing, singing, disturbing others, spoiling things, throwing water bottles or any article outside will be severely punished. Any damage done to the school bus has to be made good by the offender.
  • The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason.
  • The drivers are authorised to stop buses at the designated stops only. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is always subject to change.
  • The buses monitors on duty are responsible for maintaining discipline in the buses. Any serious offence must be reported to the co-ordinator immediately.
  • In case of any change, of temporary or permanent nature, in transport pick-up/ drop point or transport route, the permission for the same has to be sought by making an application to the Principal at the school office. Parents have to ensure that their wards do not go to and fro from bus stops unescorted.

Bus Routes

Bus No. 1:- (Registration No. - TR01F-3332)    

Ramnagar 7 → Durga Chow. → Pragati School → Lake Chow. → Advisor Chow. → School

Bus No. 2: (Registration No. - TR01F-1970)

Payari Babur Bagan → Ker Chow. → T.R.T.C. → Bhatta Pukur → School

Bus No. 3: (Registration No. - TR01F-3335)

Bijoy Kumar Chow. → Sankar Chow. → Fire Service → Battala (Madan Mohan Mandir) →Badharghat → Siddhi Ashram → T.S.R. CAMP → School

Bus No. 4: (Registration No. - TR01F-3334)

Chandrapur Bazar → Ashram Chow. → Kalyani → Shibnagar (Bandhan) → School

Bus No. 5: (Registration No. - TR01F-2532)         

Milan Sangha →Bordowali→ Drop Gate→ ONGC Bank Chow. → ONGC 1st Gate → Hapania → School

Bus No. 6: (Registration No. - TR01F-3336)     

Camper Bazar → Charipara → Beltali → A.D. Nagar (Rd. No. 6) → M.B. Tilla → Sevak Sangha → Milan Chakra → School

Bus No. 7: (Registration No. - TR01F-2036)                       

G.B. Bazar → Shyamali Bazar → Governor House (Back) → Circuit House → Buddha Mandir → North Gate → Bhagaban Thakur Para → Ganaraj Chow. → Women’s College → Bidurkarta → Advisor Chow. → Bijoy Kumar Chow. → Sankar Chow. → Ker Chow. → Bhattapukur → School

Bus No. 8: (Registration No. - TR01F-2035)

Near I.T.I. (Indranagar) → Indranagar Kali Bari → Blue Lotus Club → Prachya Bharati (East) → Dhaleswar P.O. → Central Jail → Lal Bahadur Chow. → Ganaraj Chow. → School

Bus No. 9: (Registration No. - TR01F-2104)        

Kunjaban Capital Complex → Bholagiri → Gurkhabasti (Near Nehru Park) → Circuit House (Rabindra Kanan Corner) → Buddha Mandir (Near Radhanagar Bus Stand) → Colonel Chow. (Near SBI) → Rabindra Bhavan → Old RMS Chow. → Paradise Chow. (Before Minister Quarter) → School

Bus No. 10: (Registration No. - TR01F- 1975)                      

79 Tilla → G.B. Bazar → Shyamali Bazar → Kunjaban P.O. → Governor House (Back) → A.G. Quarter Complex → Abhoynagar (Malancha) → Abhoynagar P.O. → Bhagaban Thakur Chow. → Bodhjung Chow. → Women’s College → School

Bus No. 11: (Registration No. - TR01F- 2020)

College Tilla → Jogendranagar → Gandhi School → Modern Club Chow. → R. K. Mission Gate → Shanitala (Motor Stand Near IOC) → Kaman Chow. (Near Old Bata) → Post Office Chow. → Gandhighat (Paradise Chow. before Ministers Quarter)→ School