History and Philosophy

The Starting Point:

Today where the magnificent educational complex of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Viveknagar stands, attracting the kids of tribal and non-tribal community, to the educational and cultural uplift of mind; In 1980s there were only an upper land covered with green grasses, basking at the heat of scorching mid-day sun. In 1989, Government of Tripura acquired this 61 acres of vast land  to  implement TNV Accord, planned for an educational institution where the children of tribal and non-tribal communities will receive their first lessons of academic life, sharing the common experience of brotherhood under the loving guidance of  exponent preceptors. The Government invited Ramakrishna Mission to undertake the responsibility of implementing this noble project which had to be nurtured with an attitude of care and affection, no less than of a loving mother. With a humble beginning in 1990, of not more than 100 students and a few teachers, this educational institution has marched through a gamut of experiences with an unflagging zeal to achieve today‚Äôs success of about 847 kids of different ages hailing from both the tribal and non-tribal communities of Tripura establishing an instance of happy concord, amity  and sympathy for, and harmony with each other.


The philosophy that stands behind this institution is the same that works as the guiding principle of all educational institutions of Ramakrishna  Mission. It is  the educational philosophy of Swami Vivekananda that has drawn its inspiration from the perennial source of the ancient Vedanta. The divinity of man and the solidarity of universe are the two cardinal principles which Swami Vivekananda has preached and practiced in the East and in the West alike. This latent divinity is sleeping in the heart of every child, the method of educational training is to revitalize the ancient GuruKula system of bringing the all-renouncing teachers and the innocent taught in close contact to rouse this  potential divinity, latent in every man. Like a blooming lotus in the course of time, every child will grow into manhood emanating the florescence of harmony, peace and love around his universal existence.