School Infrastructures

Library :

          The Vidyalaya houses a spacious library with a large collection of books for the readers of all ages. Besides this there is a large collection of reference books on all subjects for the students of classes VI- to XII. There is a reading room adjacent to the library for quiet study.

          The library also has computer facility for access to the latest information on various topics. The library subscribes to ten daily local and national newspapers and nine magazines. It has in store more than twelve thousand books which very few school libraries have.


Smart Class :

          There is one spacious Smart Class Lab. With the latest state-of-the-art technology to cater to the needs of the teachers and students. Classes on various subjects are held here where the students can have access to a vast store of knowledge beyond the prescribed text. A large touch-screen enables a large viewership thereby enabling a large number of students to be accommodated during a particulars lesson.


Laboratories (Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mathematics)  :

          There are seven labs in all, two each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and one each for Mathematics & Geography. These labs are well equipped with modern instruments, Chemicals, Specimens and latest experimental models of international standards. Besides these, there is one activity centre for scientific culture under Indian Association of Physics Teachers, Regional Council – 18. The Maths lab organizes different activities based on Mathematical formula and Geometric relation. Besides these, there are activities based on the life history of different ancient and modern mathematicians.

          Besides these labs there are two Computer labs which are equipped with 26 Computers. The practical work based on the Computer lessons of the syllabus and the related project work is done in these labs.


Canteen :

          The canteen caters to the need of both the students and staff of the Vidyalaya. Good quality food at affordable prices is available here. The canteen also prepares and serves the mid-day-meal of the Vidyalaya. There is the provision for lunch for the staff on the basis of prior order.


Niramoy :

          The Vidyalaya has a well equipped dispensary. Qualified doctors of Allopathy, Homeopathy & Ayurvedic medicine are in regular attendance. Outdoor treatment is offered everyday and whenever necessary, the boys are treated for their illness and injuries or any emergency situation. The dispensary also provided free medicine and treatment to the staff, their family members and to the people of the locality.


School Bus (Bus rules, Routes) :

          A fleet of eleven buses carry the day-scholars to and from the Vidyalaya on all the working days. These buses are specially made for the purpose of carrying school students with amenities like public address system, first aid kits, flexible hand – rests, dual emergency exits etc. Two bus-monitors from senior classes maintain the bus discipline and seating arrangement in each bus. These buses traverse the routes that covers the entire area in an around the city of Agartala.






Music Room :

          Two adjacent rooms equipped with various traditional musical instruments served the purpose of vocal instrumental training to the aspiring students. The three music teachers of the vidyalaya impart lessons on Indian Classical music and prepare the students for the various cultural programmes and competitions which are held throughout the year.


Playground :

          Three different sized playgrounds provide the arena where all the sports related activities are held. One of the grounds have galleries for the spectators. The big sporting events like the Annual – Sports Meet, Inter-Class Cricket and Football tournaments are held in these venue every year. The weekly P.T. and Drill Classes are also held here.