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We are rather a not-so-known unit the well-known Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Math compared to many of our charismatic branch centers, serving the people of this tiny North Eastern State since 1985 though actual beginning of these works dates back to 1960s through a devoted group of devotees of Ramakrishna Math at Gandhi Ghat (now Gangail Road), Agartala.
Poor internet connectivity in this area is one of many constraints that stop us from receiving sharing and caring assistance from resourceful netizens of whom you might be one. CAN YOU DO ANYTHING TO HELP US OVERCOME THE HANDICAP? If yes, contact us without hesitation with details of how you wish to help us.
Different sections of this website will provide you useful information about us when you surf through them. You can also help us with your suggestions to improve the website and also by sending us inspirational Text, Audio or Video materials that we can use to groom our 850 students to true Indian citizens and men of strong values like patriotism, honesty, integrity, industry, punctuality, orderliness, unselfishness and truthfulness.
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Swami Shubhakarananda
(Since 18.07.2020)

Secretary Tenure
Swami Shantidananda 01.04.1985 to 05.06.1991
Swami Sumedhananda 06.05.1991 to 30.11.1999
Swami Divyananda 01.12.1999 to 14.06.2002
Swami Purnatmananda 15.06.2002 to 01.04.2012
Swami Hitakamananda 02.04.2012 to 17.07.2020
Swami Shubhakarananda Since 18.07.2020